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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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I've done is think one thing out and I got it thought,
out and now I got to think out something else.*
*Why don't you let me help you?'
Tou come here at twelve o'clock and bring that
money to put up for the boat.3
As they came out Albert came up to the place and
went up to Harry.
Tm sorry, Albert, I can't use you,' Harry said,
He had thought it out that far already.
Td go cheap/ Albert said.
I'm sorry,' Harry said. 'I got no need for you
'You won't get a good man for what I'll go for/
Albert said.
V                                                                            t
I'm going by myself/
'You don't w"f^ to make a trip like that alone/
Albert said.
cShut up/ said H%y. 'What do you know about
it? Do they teach you my business on the relief?'
'Go to hell/ said
'Maybe I will/ said Harry. Anybody looking at
him could tell he was thinking plenty fast and he
did not want to be botheredr
Td like to go/ Albert said.
*I can't use you/ Harry said, 'Let me alone,
will you?'
Albert went out and Harry stood there at the
bar looking at the nickel machine, the two dime
machines and the quarter machine and at the