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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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picture of Ouster's Last Stand on the wall as though
he'd never seen them,
'That was a good one Hayzooz told Big Rodger
about the baby, wasn't it?' Freddy said to him,
putting some coffee glasses in the bucket of soapy
'Give me a package of Chesterfields/ Harry said
to him. He held the package under the flap of his
arm and opened it at one corner, took a cigarette
out and put it in his mouth, then dropped the
package in his pocket and lit the cigarette.
'What shape's your boat in, Freddy?' he asked.
'I just had her on the ways,' Freddy said. 'She's
in good shape.'
'Do you want to charter her?'
'What for?'
'For a trip across.'
'Not unless they put up the value of her.'
'What's she worth?'
'Twelve hundred dollars,'
Til charter her,' Harry said. 'Will you trust me
on her?'
'No,' Freddy told him.
Til put up the house as security.'
'I don't want your house. I want twelve hundred
bucks up.'
'All right,' Harry said.
'Bring arount the money,' Freddy told him.
'When Bee-lips comes in, tell him to wait for
me,' Harry said and went out.