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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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Our at the house Marie and the girls were having
'Hello, Daddy/ said the oldest girl,   'Here's
'What have you got to eat?' Harry asked.
"We've got a steak,' Marie said.
'Somebody said they stole your boat, Daddy.'
'They found her/ Harry said.
Marie looked at him.
'Who found her?' she asked.
The customs.'
'Oh, Harry,' she said, full of pity.
'Isn't it better they found her, Daddy?' asked the
second one of the girls.
'Don't talk while you're eating/ Harry told her.
'Where's my dinner? What you waiting for?'
'I'm bringing it.'
Tm in a hurry/ Harry said. 'You girls eat up
and get out I got to talk to your mother.'
'Can we have some money to go to the show this
aft, Daddy?'
'Why don't you go swimming. That's free/
'Oh, Daddy, it's too cold to go swimming, and we
want to go to the show.'
'All right/ said Harry. 'All right/
When the girls were out of the room he said to
Marie, 'Cut it up, will you?'