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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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'Sure, Honey.'
She cut the meat as for a small boy.
"Thanks/ Harry said. Tm a hell of a goddamn
nuisance, ain't I? Those girls aren't much, are they?'
'No, Hon.'
Tunny we couldn't get no boys.5
'That's because you're such a man. That way it
always comes out girls.'
*I ain't no hell of a man,' Harry said. 'But
listen, I'm going on a hell of a trip.'
Tell me about the boat.'
'They saw it from a truck. A high truck/
'Worse than that. Só/
'Aw; Harry, don't talk like that in the house/
'You talk worse than that in bed sometimes/
'That's different. I don't like to hear só at my
own table/
'Oh, só/
'Aw, Honey, you feel bad,' Marie said.
'No,' said Harry. *Im just thinking/
'Well, you think it out. I got confidence in you/
'I got confidence. That's the only thing I have
'Do you want to tell me about it?*
'No. Only don't worry no matter what you
*I won't worry/
'Listen, Marie. Go on up to the upstairs trap and
bring me the Thompson gun and look in that