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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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wooden box with the shells and see all the clips are
'Don't take that.9
'I got to.'
'Do you want any boxes of shells?'
'No. I can't load any clips. I got four clips/
'Honey, you aren't going on that kind of a trip?'
Tm going on a bad trip.5
'Oh, God/ she said. 'Oh, God, I wish you didn't
have to do these things.3
'Go on and get it and bring it down here. Get
me some coffee.'
'O.K.,' said Marie. She leaned over the table
and kissed him on the mouth.
'Leave me alone,' Harry said. *I got to think/
He sat at the table and looked at the piano, the
sideboard and the radio, the picture of September
Morn, and the pictures of the cupids holding bows
behind their heads, the shiny, real-oak table and the
shiny real-oak chairs and the curtains on the
windows and he thought. What chance have I to
enjoy my home? Why am I back to worse than
where I started? It'll be all gone too if I don't play
this right. The hell it will I haven't got sixty bucks
left outside of the house, but I'll get a stake out of
this. Those damn girls. That's all that old woman
and I could get with what we've got. Do you
suppose the boys in her went before I knew her?
'Here it is,' said Marie, carrying it by the web
sling swap. They're all full'