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'I got to go/ Harry said. He lifted the chunky
weight of the dismounted gun in its oil-stained,
canvas-web case. Tut it under the front seat of the

'Good-bye/ Marie said.

'Good-bye, old woman.5

'I won't worry. But please take care of yourself.'

'Be good.'

*Aw, Harry,' she said and held him tight against

'Let me go. I ain't got no time.'

He patted her on the back with his arm stump.

'You and your loggerhead flipper,3 she said.
'Oh, Harry. Be careful.'

'I got to go. Good-bye, old woman.'

'Good-bye, Harry.'

She watched him go out of the house, tall, wide-
shouldered, flat-backed, his. hips narrow, moving,
still, she thought, like some kind of animal, easy
and swift and not old yet, he moves so light and
smooth-like, she thought, and when he got in the
car she saw him blond, with the sunburned hair,
his face with the broad mongol cheek bones, and
the narrow eyes, the nose broken at the bridge, the
wide mouth and the round jaw, and getting in the
car he grinned at her and she began to cry. 'His
goddamn face,' she thought. 'Every time I see his
goddamn face it makes me want to cry.'