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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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'Oh, nerts to him and double nerts to meeting
him/ said the wife. 'How do you do?5
cNot so badly/ the green-visored man said.
'How do you do?'
'She does marvellously/ the tall one said. 'You
ought to see her.'
Just then Harry came in and the tall tourist's
wife said, Isn't he wonderful? That's what I want*
Buy me that, Papa.5
'Can I speak to you?' Harry said to Freddy.
'Certainly, Go right ahead and say anything you
like/ the tall tourist's wife said.
'Shut up, you whore/ Harry said. 'Come in the
back, Freddy.'
In the back was Bee-lips, waiting at the table.
'Hello, Big Boy/ he said to Harry.
'Shut up/ said Harry.
'Listen/ Freddy said. 'Cut it out. You can't
get away with that. You can't call my trade names
like that. You can't call a lady a whore in a decent
place like this.'
'A whore/ said Harry. 'Hear what she said to me?'
'Well, anyway, don't call her a name like that to
her face.5
'All right. You got the money?'
'Of course/ said Bee-lips, 'Why wouldn't I have
the money? Didn't I say I'd have the money?*
'Let's see it.'
Bee-lips handed it over. Harry counted ten
hundred-dollar bills and four twenties.