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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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'Oh, nerts to him and double nerts to meeting
him,5 said the wife. 'How do you do?3
'Not so badly/ the green-visored man said,
'How do you do?'
'She does marvellously,' the tall one said. 'You
ought to see her/
Just then Harry came in and the tall tourist's
wife said, 'Isn't he wonderful? That's what I want.
Buy me that, Papa.'
'Can I speak to you?' Harry said to Freddy.
'Certainly. Go right ahead and say anything you
like,' the tall tourist's wife said.
'Shut up, you whore,' Harry said, 'Come in the
back, Freddy/
In the back was Bee-lips, waiting at the table.
'Hello, Big Boy,' he said to Harry.
'Shut up,' said Harry,
'Listen,' Freddy said. 'Cut it out. You can't
get away with that. You can't call my trade names
like that. You can't call a lady a whore in a decent
place like this.'
*A whore,' said Harry. 'Hear what she said to me?'
'Well, anyway 3 don't call her a name like that to
her face.'
'All right. You got the money?'
'Of course/ said Bee-lips, 'Why wouldn't I have
the money? Didn't I say I'd have the money?'
'Let's see it.'
Bee-lips handed it over. Harry counted ten
hundred-dollar bills and four twenties.