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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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'It should be twelve hundred,'
'Less my commission,' said Bee-lips.
'Come on with it.'
'Come on.'
'Don't be silly.'
'You miserable little crut.'
'You big bully,' Bee-lips said. 'Don't try to strong
arm it away from me because I haven't got it here/
'I see,' said Harry. CI should have thought of
that. Listen, Freddy. You've known me a long
time. I know she's worth twelve hundred. This is a
hundred and twenty short. Take it and take a
chance on the hundred and twenty and the charter.'
That's three hundred and twenty dollars/
Freddy said. It was a painful sum for him to name
as a risk, and he sweated while he thought about it*
el got a car and a radio in the house that's good
for it.'
'I can make out a paper on that/ Bee-lips said.
'I don't want any paper/ Freddy said. He sweat
again and his voice was hesitant. Then he said, 'All
right, I'll take a chance. But for Christ's sake be
careful with the boat, will you Harry?*
'Like it was my own.*
'You lost your own/ said Freddy, still sweating,
his suffering now intensified by that memory.
Til take care of her/
Til put the money in my box in the bank/
Freddy said.