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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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Harry looked at Bee-lips.
'That's a good place,' he said, and grinned.
'Bartender/ some one called from the front.
That's you,' Harry said.
'Bartender,' came the voice again.
Freddy went out to the front,
'That man insulted me/ Harry could hear the
high voice saying, but he was talking to Bee-lips.
Til be tied up to the dock there at the front of the
street. It isn't half a block.'
'All right.'
That's all.'
'All right, Big Shot.'
'Don't you big shot me.'
'However you like.'
Til be there from four o'clock on.5
'Anything else?'
"They got to take me by force, see? I know
nothing about it, I'm just working on the engine.
I got nothing aboard to make a trip. I've hired her
from Freddy to go charter fishing. They've got to
hold a gun on me to make me start her and they've
got to cut loose the lines.'
'What about Freddy? You didn't hire her to go
fishing from him.'
Tm going to tell Freddy.'
'You better not.'
Tm going to,'
'You better not.'
'Listen, I've done business with Freddy since