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during the war. Twice IVe been partners with hin
and we never had trouble*  You know how mud
stuff IVe handled for him. He's the only son-of-a
bitch in this town I would trust.5
CI wouldn't trust anybody.9
'Ton shouldn't. Not after the experiences you'v<
had with yourself.'
*Lay off me."
'All right. Go out and see your friends.  What5!
your out?5
They're Cubans.  I met them out at the road-
house. One of them wants to cash a certified cheque,
What's wrong with that?'
'And you don't notice anything?'
'No. I tell them to meet me at the bank.1
'Who drives them?9
'Some taxi.'
'What's he supposed to think they are, violinists?'
'We'll get one that don't think. There's plenty of
them that can't think in this  town.   Look at
'Hayzooz is smart. He just talks funny.'
Til have them call a stupid one.'
'Get one hasn't any kids.'
They all got kids. Ever see a taxi driver without
'You are a goddamn rat.'
'Well, I never killed anybody/ Bee-lips told him.
'Nor you never will.  Come on, let's get out of
here. Just being with you makes me feel crummy.'