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'Maybe you are crummy.*
'Can you get them from talking?5
clf you don't paper your mouth.'
Taper yours then.5
Tm going to get a drink/ Harry said.
Out in front the three tourists sat on their high
stools. As Harry came up to the bar the woman
looked away from him to register disgust.
"What will you have?' asked Freddy.
'What's the lady drinking?' Harry asked.
CA Cuba Libre.'
'Then give me a straight whisky.'
The tall tourist with the little sandy moustache
and the thick-lensed glasses leaned his large, straight-
nosed face over toward Harry and said, 'Say, what's
the idea of talking that way to my wife?'
Harry looked him up and down and said to
Freddy, 'What kind of a place you running?'
'What about it?' the tall one said.
'Take it easy,' Harry said to him.
'You can't pull that with me.'
'Listen/ Harry said. 'You came down here to
get well and strong, didn't you? Take it easy.'
And he went out.
'I should have hit him, I guess,' the tall tourist
said. 'What do you think, dear?'
*I wish I was a man,9 his wife said.
'You'd go a long way with that build/ the green-
visored man said into his beer.