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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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What did you say?9 the tall one asked.
*I said you could find out his name and address
and write him a letter telling him what you think
of him.'
'Say, whaf s your name, anyway? What are you
doing, kidding me?'
'Just call me Professor MacWalsey.'
'My name's Laughton/ the tall one said* Tm
a writer/
Tm glad to meet you/ Professor MacWalsey
said. 'Do you write often?'
The tall man looked around him. 'Let's get out
of here, dear,5 he said. 'Everybody is either
insulting or nuts*'
'It's a strange place,' said Professor MacWalsey,
'Fascinating, really. They call it the Gibraltar of
America and it's three hundred and seventy-five
miles south of Cairo, Egypt. But this place is the
only part of it Pve had time to see yet. It's a fine
place though.'
'I see you're a professor all right,' the wife said.
'You know, I like you.'
'I like you too, darling,' Professor MacWalsey
said. 'But I have to go now.'
He got up and went out to look for his bicycle.
'Everybody is nuts here,' the tall man said.
'Should we have another drink, dear?'
'I liked the professor,' the wife said. 'He had a
sweet manner/
'That other fellow ...'