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'Oh, he had a beautiful face/ the wife said. "Like
a Tartar or something. I wish he hadn't been
insulting. He looked kind of like Jenghiz Khan in
the face. Gee, he was big,'
'He had only one arm/ her husband said.
'I didn't notice,' the wife said. 'Should we have
another drink? I wonder who'll come in next!*
'Maybe Tamerlane/ the husband said,
'Gee, you're educated/ the wife said. 'But that
Jenghiz Khan one would do me. Why did the
Professor like to hear me say nerts?5
'I don't know, dear/ Laughton, the writer, said.
'I never did.'
'He seemed to like me for what I really am/ the
wife said. 'My, he was nice.'
'You'll probably see him again.'
'Any time you come in here you'll see Am/
Freddy said. 'He lives in here. He's been here for
two weeks now.'
'Who's the other one who speaks so rude?'
'Him? Oh, he's a fellow from around here.9
'What does he do?'
'Oh, a little of everything/ Freddy told her.
'He's a fisherman.'
'How did he lose his arm?'
'I don't know. He got it hurt some way.'
'Gee, he's beautiful/ the wife said.
Freddy laughed. 'I heard him called a lot of
things but I never heard him called that/
'Don't you think he has a beautiful face?'