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wearing a striped fisherman's shirt and khaki shorts
came in with a very pretty girl who wore a thin,
white wool sweater and dark blue slacks.
'If it isn't Richard Gordon/ said Laughton,
standing up, 'with the lovely Miss Helen.'
'Hello, Laughton,' said Richard Gordon. 'Did
you see anything of a rummy professor around here?*
'He just went out,5 said Freddy.
'Do you want a vermouth, sweetheart?' Richard
Gordon asked his wife.
'If you do/ she said. Then said, 'Hello,' to the
two Laughtons. 'Make mine two parts of French
to one Italian, Freddy.5
She sat on a high stool "with her legs tucked under
her and looked out at the street. Freddy looked at
her admiringly. He thought she was the prettiest
stranger in Key West that winter. Prettier even
than the famous beautiful Mrs. Bradley. Mrs.
Bradley was getting a little big. This girl had a
lovely Irish face, dark hair that curled almost to
her shoulders and smooth clear skin. Freddy looked
at her brown hand holding the glass.
'How's the work?3 Laughton asked Richard
*Fm going all right,5 Gordon said. 'How are you
'James won't work,' Mrs. Laughton said. 'He
just drinks,'
'Say, who is this Professor MacWalsey?' Laughton