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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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'Oh, he's some sort of professor of economics I
think, on a sabbatical year or something. He's a
friend of Helen's/
'I like him,3 said Helen Gordon,
'I like him, too,' said Mrs. Laughton.
'I liked him first,' Helen Gordon said happily.
'Oh, you can have him,' Mrs. Laughton said,
'You good little girls always get what you want,'
'That's what makes us so good,' said Helen
Til have another vermouth,' said Richard
Gordon. 'Have a drink?5 he asked the Laughtons.
'Why not,' said Laughton. 'Say, are you going
to that big party the Bradleys are throwing to-
'Of course he is,' said Helen Gordon.
'I like her, you know,' said Richard Gordon.
'She interests me both as a woman and as a social
'Gee,' said Mrs. Laughton. 'You can talk as
educated as the Professor.'
'Don't strut your illiteracy, dear,' said Laughton.
'Do people go to bed with a social phenomenon?'
asked Helen Gordon looking out the door,
'Don't talk rot/ said Richard Gordon.
'I mean is it part of the homework of a writer?'
Helen asked.
CA writer has to know about everything,' Richard
Gordon said. 'He xan't restrict his experience to
conform to bourgeois standards.'