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'Oh/ said Helen Gordon. 'And what does a
writer's wife do?5

'Plenty, I guess/ Mrs. Laughton said. 'Say, you
ought to have seen the man who was just in here
and insulted me and James. He was terrific/

'I should have hit him/ Laughton said.

'He was really terrific/ said Mrs. Laughton,

Tm going home/ said Helen Gordon. 'Are you
coming, Dick?'

'I thought I'd stay down town a while/ Richard
Gordon said.

'Yes?3 said Helen Gordon, looking in the mirror
behind Freddy's head.

'Yes/ Richard Gordon said.

Freddy, looking at her, figured that she was going
to cry. He hoped it wouldn't happen in the place.

'Don't you want another drink?' Richard Gordon
asked her.

'No.' She shook her head.

'Say, what's the matter with you?' asked Mrs.
Laughton. 'Aren't you having a good time?'

'A dandy time/ said Helen Gordon. 'But I think
I'd better go home just the same.'

Til be back early/ Richard Gordon said.

'Don't bother/ she told him. She went out.
She hadn't cried. She hadn't found John Mac-
Walsey either.