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DOWN at the dock Harry Morgan had driven up
alongside of where the boat lay, seen there was no
one around, lifted the front seat of his car, skidded
the flat, web, oil-heavy case out and dropped it
down into the cockpit of the launch.
He got in himself and opened the engine hatch
and put the machine-gun case below out of sight.
He turned on the gas valves and started both
engines. The starboard engine ran smoothly after a
couple of minutes, but the port engine missed on the
second and fourth cylinders and he found the plugs
were cracked, looked for some new plugs, but
couldn't find them.
'Got to get plugs and fill gas,' he thought.
Below with the engines, he opened the machine-
gun case and fitted the stock to the gun. He found
two pieces of fan belting and four screws, and cutting
slits in the belting rigged a sling to hold the gun
under the cockpit floor to the left of the hatch; just
over the port engine. It lay there, cradled easily,
and he shoved a clip from the four held in the web
pockets in the case up into the gun. Kneeling
between the two engines he reached up to take the
gun. There were only two movements to make,
First unhook the strap of belting that passed around
the receiver just behind the bolt. Then pull the