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gun out of the other loop. He tried it and it came
easily one-handed. He pushed the little lever all
the way over from semi-automatic to automatic
and made sure the safety was on. Then he fastened
it up again. He could not figure out where to put
the extra clips; so he shoved the case under a gas
tank below, where he could reach it, with the butts
of the clips lying toward his hand. If I go down a
time first after we're under way, I can put a couple
in my pocket, he thought. Be better not to have it
on for something might jar the damn thing off.
He stood up. It was a fine clear afternoon,
pleasant, not cold, with a light north breeze. It was
a nice afternoon all right. The tide was running out
and there were two pelicans sitting on the piling
at the edge of the channel. A grunt fishing boat,
painted dark green, chugged past on the way
around to the fish market, the negro fisherman
sitting in the stern holding the tiller. Harry looked
out across the water, smooth with the wind blowing
with the tide, grey blue in the afternoon sun, out to
the sandy island formed when the channel was
dredged where the shark camp had been located.
There were white gulls flying over the island.
cBe a pretty night/ Harry thought. *Be a nice
night to cross.5
He was sweating a little from being down around
the engines, and he straightened up and wiped his
face with a piece of waste.
There was Albert on the dock.