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'Listen, Harry,' he said. CI wish you'd carry me.
'What's the matter with you now?5
'They're only going to give us three days a weel
on the relief now. I just heard about it this morning
I got to do something,5
'All right,' said Harry. He had been thinking
again. 'All right.'
'That's good,' said Albert. 'I was afraid to go
home to see my old woman. She gave me hell this
noon like it was me had laid off the relief.'
'What's the matter with your old woman?' asked
Harry cheerfully. 'Why don't you smack her?'
'You smack her/ Albert said. 'I'd like to hear
what she'd say. She's some old woman to talk/
'Listen, Al,' Harry told him. Take my car and
this and go around to the Marine Hardware and
get six metric plugs like this one. Then go get a
2O~cent piece of ice and half a dozen mullets.
Get two tins of coffee, four tins of corn-beef, two
loaves of bread, some sugar and two tins of con-
densed milk. Stop at the Sinclair and tell them to
come down here and put in a hundred and fifty
gallons. Get back as soon as you can and change
the number two and the number four plugs in the
port engine counting back from the flywheel.
Tell them I'll be back to pay for the gas. They can
wait or find me at Freddy's. Can you remember
all that? We're taking a party out tarponing and
fishing them to-morrow.'
'ItYtoo cold for tarpon,5 Albert said.