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'The party says no,' Harry told him.
'Hadn't I better get a dozen mullets?5 Albert
asked. 'In case the jacks tear 'em up? There's
plenty jacks now in those channels.5
'Well, make it a dozen. But get back inside an
hour and have the gas filled.'
'Why you want to put in so much gas?'
'We may be running early and late and not have
time to fill.3
'What's become of those Cubans that wanted to
be carried?'
'Haven't heard anything more from them.'
'That was a good job.'
'This is a good job too. Come on, get going.'
'What am I going to be working for?'
'Five bucks a day,' said Harry. 'If you don't
want it don't take it.'
'All right,' said Albert. 'Which plugs was it?'
'The number two and the number four counting
back from the flywheel,' Harry told him. Albeit
nodded his head. 'I guess I can remember,' he said.
He got into the car and made a turn in it and went
off up the street.
From where Harry stood in the boat he could see
the brick and stone building and the front entrance
of the First State Trust arid Savings Bank. It was
just a block down at the foot of the street. He
couldn't see the side entrance. He looked at his
watch. It was a little after two o'clock. He shut the
engine hatch and climbed up on the dock. Well,