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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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I could sell the house and we could rent until I
got some kind of work, What kind of work? No
kind of work, I could go down to the bank and
squeal now and what would I get? Thanks. Sure.
Thanks. One bunch of Cuban government bastards
cost me my arm shooting at me with a load when
they had no need to and another bunch of U.S. ones
took my boat. Now I can give up my home and
get thanks. No thanks. The hell with it, he thought.
I got no choice in it.
He wanted to tell Freddy so there would be some
one knew what he was doing. But he couldn't tell
him because-Freddy wouldn't stand for it. He was
making good money now. There was nobody much
in the daytime, but every night the place was full
until two o'clock. Freddy wasn't in a jam. He knew
he wouldn't stand for it. I have to do it alone, he
thought, with that poor bloody Albert. Christ, he
looked hungrier than ever down at the dock. There
were Conchs that would starve to death before
they'd steal all right. Plenty in this town with their
bellies hollering right now. But they'd never make
a move. They'd just starve a little every day.
They started starving when they were born; some
of them.
'Listen, Freddy,' he said.   1 want a couple of