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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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'Pull the corks, will you? You know I wanted to
charter her to take some Cubans over.'
That's what you said.'
'I don't know when they'll be going. Maybe to-
night. I haven't heard.'
'She's ready to go any time. You've got a nice
night if you cross to-night.'
They said something about going fishing this
'She's got tackle on board if the pelicans haven't
stole it off her.'
'It's still there.'
'Well, make a good trip/ Freddy said.
Thanks. Give me another one, will you?'
'Of what?'
'I thought you were drinking Bacardi.'
Til drink that if I get cold going across.'
'You'll cross with this breeze astern all the way/
said Freddy. 'I'd like to cross to-night.'
'It'll be a pretty night all right. Let me have
another, will you?'
Just then in came the tall tourist and his wife.
'If it isn't my dream man,' she said, and sat
down on the stool beside Harry.
He took one look at her and stood up.
Tli be back, Freddy,' he said. Tm going
down to the boat in case that party wants to
go fishing*'
'Don?t go,' the wife said. Tlease don't go.'