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ALBERT was on board the boat and the gas was
Til start her up and try how those two cylinders
hit,3 Harry said. Ton got the things stowed?5
'Cut some baits then/
'You want a wide bait?5
That's right. For tarpon.5
Albert was on the stern cutting baits and Harry
was at the wheel warming up the motors when he
heard a noise like a motor backfiring. He looked
down the street and saw a man come out of the
bank. He had a gun in his hand and he came
running. Then he was out of sight. Two more men
came out carrying leather brief cases and guns in
their hands and ran in the same direction. Harry
looked at Albert busy cutting baits. The fourth
man, the big one, came out of the bank door as he
watched, holding a Thompson gun in front of him,
and as he backed out of the door the siren in the
bank rose in a long breath-holding shriek and Harry
saw the gun muzzle jump-jump-jump-jump and
heard the bop-bop-bop-bop, smaH and hollow
sounding in the wail of the siren. The man turned
and ran, stopping to fire once more at the bank
door, and as Albert stood up in the stern saying,