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'Christ, they're robbing the bank. Christ, what can
we do?* Harry heard the Ford taxi coming out of
the side street and saw it careening up on to the
There were three Cubans in the back and one
beside the driver.
'Where's the boat?9 yelled one in Spanish.
'There, you fool/ said another.
'That's not the boat.5
'That's the captain/
'Come on.  Come on for Christ sake.'
'Get out,' said the Cuban to the driver. 'Get
your hands up.'
As the driver stood beside the car he put a knife
inside his belt and ripping it toward him cut the belt
and slit his pants almost to the knee. He yanked the
trousers down. 'Stand still,* he said. The two
Cubans with the valises tossed them into the cock-
pit of the launch and they all came tumbling
'Geta going/ said one. The big one with the
machine-gun poked it into Harry's back.
'Come on, Cappie/ he said. 'Let's go/
Take it easy/ said Harry. 'Point that some place
'Cast off those lines/ the big one said. cYouP to
'Wait a minute/ Albert said. Don't start her.
These are the bank robbers.5
The biggest Cuban turned and swung the Thomp-