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Take that gun away,' Harry said. He was
thinking, I could run her on Crawfish bar, but sure
as hell that Cuban would plug me,
'Make her go,' said the big Cuban.   Then, in
Spanish,  'Lie down flat, everybody.   Keep the
;aptain covered/ He lay down himself in the stern,
Bulling Albert flat down into the cockpit. The other
hree all lay flat in the cockpit now. Harry sat on
he steering seat.  He was looking ahead steering
>ut the channel, past the opening into the sub-base
low, with the notice board to yachts and the green
linker, out away from the jetty, past the fort now,
>ast the red blinker; he looked back.   The big
]uban had a green box of shells out of his pocket
nd was filling clips* The gun lay by his side and
e was filling clips without looking at them, filling
y feel, looking back over the stern.  The others
rere all looking astern except the one that was
Batching him.  This one, one of the two Indian-
>oking ones, motioned with his pistol for him to look
head. No boat had started after them yet* The
igines were running smoothly and they were
Ding with the tide.  He noticed the heavy slant
awards of the buoy he passed, with the current
virling at its base.
There are two speedboats that could catch us,
any was thinking. One, Ray's, is running the
,ail from Matecumbe, Where is the other? I saw
;r a couple of days ago on Ed* Taylor's ways, he
iccked. That was the one I thought of having