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Bee-lips hire. There's two more, he remembered
now. One the State Road Department has up
along the keys. The other's laid up in the Garrison
Bight, How far are we now? He looked back to
where the fort was well -astern, the red-brick
building of the old post office starting to show up
above the navy yard buildings and the yellow hotel
building now dominating the short skyline of the
town. There was the cove at the fort, and the
lighthouse showed above the houses that strung out
toward the big winter hotel. Four miles anyway, he
thought. There they come, he thought. Two white
fishing boats were rounding the breakwater and
heading out toward him. They can't do ten, he
thought. It's pitiful.
The Cubans were chattering in Spanish.
'How fast you going, Cappie?' the big one said,
looking back from the stern.
'About twelve,5 Harry said,
'What can those boats do?'
'Maybe ten/
They were all watching them now, even the one
who was supposed to keep him, Harry, covered.
But what can I do? He thought. Nothing to do
The two white boats got no larger.
'Look at that, Roberto,' -said the nice-speaking