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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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A long way back, so far you could hardly see it
a little spout rose in the water.
They're shooting at us/ the pleasant-speaking
one said It's silly,5
Tor Christ's sake/ the big-faced one said.  'Al
three miles/
Tour/ thought Harry. 'All of four/
Harry could see the tiny spouts rise on the calm
surface but he could not hear the shots.
Those Conchs are pitiful/ he thought. They're
worse. They're comical/
'What government boat is there, Cappie?' asked
the big-faced one looking away from the stern.
'Coast guard/
'What can she make?'
'Maybe twelve/
Then we're O.K. now?'
Harry did not answer.
'Aren't we O.K. then?5
Harry said nothing. He was keeping the rising,
widening spire of Sand Key on his left and the stake
on little Sand Key shoals showed almost abeam to
starboard. In ten more minutes they would be past
the reef.
'What's the matter with you? Can't you talk?'
'What did you ask me?'
Is there anything can catch us now?'
'Coast-guard plane/ said Harry*
'We cut the telephone wire before we came in
town/ the pleasant-speaking one said.