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'You didn't cut the wireless, did you?' Harry
'You think the plane can get here?5
'You got a chance of her until dark/ Harry said.
'What do you think, Cappie?' asked Roberto, the
big-faced one.
Harry did not answer.
'Come on, what do you think?'
'What did you let that son of a bitch kill my mate
for?' Harry said to the pleasant-speaking one who
was standing beside him now looking at the compass
'Shut up,' said Roberto.  'Kill you, too/
'How much money you get?' Harry asked the
pleasant-speaking one.
'We don't know. We haven't counted it yet. It
isn't ours, anyway.'
'I guess not,' said Harry. He was past the light
now and he put her on 225, his regular course
for Havana.
'I mean we do it not for ourselves. For a revolu-
tionary organization.'
'You kill my mate for that, too?'
'I am very sorry/ said the boy. *I cannot tell
you how badly I feel about that.'
'Don't try/ said Harry.
'You see/ the boy said, speaking quietly, 'this
man Roberto is bad. He is a good revolutionary
but a bad man. He kills so much in the time of
Machado he gets to like it* He thinks it is funny to