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kill. He kills in a good cause, of course. The best
cause.3 He looked back at Roberto who sat now in
one of the fishing chairs in the stern, the Thompson
gun across his lap, looking back at the white boats
which were, Harry saw, much smaller now.
'What you got to drink?' Roberto called from
the stern.
'Nothing/ Harry said.
*I drink my own, then,' Roberto said. One of the
other Cubans lay on one of the seats built over the
gas tanks. He looked seasick already. The other
was obviously seasick too, but still sitting up.
Looking back, Harry saw a lead-coloured boat,
now clear of the fort, coming up on the two white
There's the coast guard-boat/ he thought,
'She's pitiful too/
'You think the seaplane will come?' the pleasant-
spoken boy asked.
'Be dark in half an hour,' Harry said. He settled
on the steering seat. 'What you figure on doing?
Killing me?5
'I don't want to,' the boy said. 'I hate killing.*
'What you doing?' Roberto, who sat now with a
pint of whisky in his hand asked. 'Making friends
with the captain? What you want to do? Eat at the
captain's table?'
Take the wheel/ Harry said to the boy, 'See the
course? Two twenty-five.' He straightened up
from the stool and went aft,