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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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'Let me have a drink/ Harry said to Roberto.
'There's your coast-guard boat but she can't catch
He had abandoned anger, hatred and any dignity
as luxuries, now, and had started to plan.
'Sure,' said Roberto. 'She can't catch us. Look
at those seasick babies. What you say? You want a
drink? You got any other last wishes, Cappie?'
'You're some kidder,' Harry said. He took a long
'Go easy!' Roberto protested. That's all there
'I got some more,' Harry told him. 'I was just
kidding you.'
'Don't kid me,' said Roberto suspiciously.
'Why should I try?'
'What you got?'
'Bring it out.'
'Take it easy,' Harry said. 'Why do you get so
He stepped over Albert's body as he walked
forward. As he came to the wheel he looked at the
compass. The boy was about twenty-five degrees off
and the compass dial was swinging. He's no sailor,
Harry thought. That gives me more time. Look at
the wake.
The wake ran in two bubbling curves toward
where the light, astern now, showed brown, conical
and thinly latticed on the horizon. The boats were