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almost out of sight. He could just see a blur where
the wireless masts of the town were. The engines
were running smoothly. Harry put his head below
md reached for one of the bottles of Bacardi. He
/vent aft with it. At the stern he took a drink, then
landed the bottle to Roberto. Standing, he looked
lown at Albert and he felt sick inside* The poor
mngry bastard, he thought
'What's the matter? He scare you?' the big-faced
Cuban asked.
'What you say we put him over?' Harry said.
'No sense to carry him.'
CQ,K.' said Roberto. 'You got good sense.5
Take him under the arms/ said Harry. Til take
the legs/ Roberto laid the Thompson gun down on
the wide stern and leaning down lifted the body
by the shoulders.
'You know the heaviest thing in the world is a
dead man,' he said. 'You ever lift a dead man
before, Cappie?'
'No/ said Harry. 'You ever lift a big dead
Roberto pulled the body up on to the stern,
'You're a tough fellow/ he said* 'What do you say
we have a drink?'
lGo ahead/ said Harry,
'Listen, Pm sorry I killed him/ Roberto said.
men I kill you I feel worse/
'Cut out talking that way/ Harry said.  'What
do you want to talk that way for?5