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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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'He knocked the machine-gun overboard,'
Roberto said.
'We got the money* What you want a machine-
gun for now? There's plenty of machine-guns in
'I tell you, you make a mistake if you don't kill
him now, I tell you. Give me a gun.'
'Oh, shut up. You're drunk. Every time you're
drunk you want to kill somebody.'
'Have a drink,' said Harry looking out across
the grey swell of the Gulf Stream where the round
red sun was just touching the water. 'Watch that.
When she goes all the way under it'll turn bright
'The hell with that/ said the big-faced Cuban.
'You think you got away with something.'
Til get you another gun,' said Harry. 'They only
cost forty-five dollars in Cuba. Take it easy.
You're all right now. There ain't any coast-guard
plane going to come now.'
'I'm going to kill you,' Roberto said, looking him
over. 'You did that on purpose. That's why you
got me to lift on that.'
'You don't want to kill me/ Harry said. 'Who'$
going to take you across?'
*I ought to kill you now.'
Take it easy,' said Harry. Tm going to look at
the engines/
He opened the hatch, got down in, screwed down
the grease cups on the two stuffing boxes, felt the