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motors, and with his hand touched the butt of the
Thompson gun. Not yet, he thought. No, better
not yet. Christ, that was lucky. What the hell
difference does it make to Albert when he's dead?
Saves his old woman to bury him. That big-faced
bastard. That big-faced murdering bastard. Christ,
I'd like to take him now. But I better wait.
He stood up, climbed out and shut the hatch.
'How you doing?5 he said to Roberto. He put his
hand on the fat shoulder. The big-faced Cuban
looked at him and did not say anything.
'Did you see it turn green?3 Hairy asked.
'The hell with you/ Roberto said. He was drunk
but he was suspicious, and, like an animal, he knew
how wrong something had gone.
'Let me take her a while/ Harry said to the boy
at the wheel 'What's your name?'
'You can call me Emilio,' said the boy.
'Go below and you'll find something to eat,5
Harry said. 'There's bread and corn-beef. Make
coffee if you want*
'I don't want any.'
Til make some later/ Harry said. He sat at the
wheel, the binnacle light on now, holding her on
the point easily in the light following sea, looking
out at the night coming on the water. He had no
running lights on.
It would be a pretty night to cross, he thought,
a pretty night. Soon as the last of that afterglow is
gone I've got to work her east. If I don't, we'll