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sight the glare of Havana in another hour. In two,
anyway. Soon as he sees the glare it may occur to
that son of a bitch to kill me. That was lucky getting
rid of that gun. Damn, that was lucky. Wonder
what that Marie's having for supper. I guess she's
plenty worried. I guess she's too worried to eat.
Wonder how much money those bastards have got.
Funny they don't count it. If that ain't a hell of a
way to raise money for a revolution. Cubans are a
hell of a people.
That's a mean boy, that Roberto, I'll get him
to-night. I get him no matter how the rest of it
comes out. That won't help that poor damned
Albert though. It made me feel bad to dump him
like that. I don't know what made me think of it.
He lit a cigarette and smoked in the dark.
Pm doing all right, he thought. I'm doing better
than I expected. The kid is a kind of nice kid.
I wish I could get those other two on the same side,
I wish there was some way to bunch them. Well,
I'll have to do the best I can. Easier I can make
them take it beforehand the better. Smoother
everything goes the better.
*Do you want a sandwich?' the boy asked.
Thaiiks,' said Harry, cYou give one to your
'He's drinking. He won't eat/ the boy said.
'What about the others?'
'Seasick,' the boy said.
It's a nice nkrht to cross,' Harry said. He