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noticed the boy did not watch the compass so he
kept letting her go off to the east,
Td enjoy it,' the boy said. 'If it wasn't for your
'He was a good fellow/ said Harry. 'Did any
one get hurt at the bank?'
The lawyer. What was his name, Simmons.'
'Get killed?5
'I think so.5
So, thought Harry. Mr. Bee-lips. What the hell
did he expect? How could he have thought he
wouldn't get it? That comes from playing at being
tough. That comes from being too smart too often.
Mr. Bee-lips. Good-bye, Mr. Bee-lips.
'How he come to get killed?5
'I guess you can imagine,5 the boy said. 'That's
very different from your mate. I feel badly about
that. You know he doesn't mean to do wrong.
It's just what that phase of the revolution has done
to him/
'I guess he's probably a good fellow,5 Harry said,
and thought, Listen to what my mouth says. God
damn it, my mouth will say anything. But I got to
try to make a friend of this boy in case ...
'What kind of revolution do you make now?' he
'We are the only true revolutionary party/ the
boy said. 'We want to do away with all the old
politicians, with all the American imperialism that
strangles us, with the tyranny of the army. We want