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to start clean and give every man a chance. We
want to end the slavery of the guajiros, you know,
the peasants, and divide the big sugar estates among
the people that work them. But we are not
Harry looked up from the compass card at him,
'How you coming on?' he asked.
'We just raise money now for the fight,' the boy
said. To do that we have to use means that later
we would never use. Also we have to use people we
would not employ later. But the end is worth the
means. They had to do the same thing in Russia.
Stalin was a sort of brigand for many years before
the revolution.'
He's a radical, Harry thought. That's what he is,
a radical.
'I guess you've got a good programme/ he said,
'if you're out to help the working man. I was out on
strike plenty times in the old days when we had the
cigar factories in Key West. I'd have been glad
to do whatever I could if I'd known what kind of
outfit you were/
'Lots of people would help us,5 the boy said.
'But because of the state the movement is in at
present we can't trust people, I regret the necessity
for the present phase very much. I hate terrorism.
I also feel very badly about the methods for raising
the necessary money. But there is no choice. You
do not know how bad things are in Cuba/
*I guess they're plenty bad/ Harry said.