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'You can't know how bad they are. There is an
absolutely murderous tyranny that extends over
every little village in the country. Three people
cannot be together on the street. Cuba has no
foreign enemies and doesn't need any army, but
she has an army of twenty-five thousand now, and
the army, from the corporals up, suck the blood
from the nation. Everyone, even the private
soldiers, are out to make their fortunes. Now they
have a military reserve with every kind of crook,
bully and informer of the old days of Machado in it,
and they take anything the army does not bother
with. We have to get rid of the army before anything
can start. Before we were ruled by clubs. Now we
are ruled by rifles, pistols, machine-guns, and
'It sounds bad,' Harry said, steering, and letting
her go off to the eastward.
'You cannot realize how bad it is,' the boy said.
1 love my poor country and I would do anything,
anything to free it from this tyranny we have now.
I do things I hate. But I would do things I hate a
thousand times more.'
I want a drink, Harry was thinking* What the
hell do I care about his revolution.   F----- his
revolution. To help the working man he robs a bank
and kills a fellow works with him and then kills that
poor damned Albert that never did any harm.
That's a working man he kills. He never thinks of
that. With a family. It's the Cubans run Cuba.