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They all double cross each other. They sell each
other out. They get what they deserve. The hell
with their revolutions. Ail I got to do is to make a
living for my family and I can't do that. Then he
tells me about his revolution. The hell with his
elt must be bad, all right,' he said to the boy.
Take the wheel a minute, will you? I want to get a
'Sure/ said the boy, *How should I steer?'
'Two twenty-five/ Harry said.
It was dark now and there was quite a swell this
far out in the Gulf Stream. He passed the two sea-
sick Cubans lying out on the seats and went aft to
where Roberto sat in the fishing chair. The water
was racing past the boat in the dark. Roberto sat
with his feet in the other fishing chair that was
turned toward him.
'Let me have some of that/ Harry said to him.
'Go to hell/ said the big-faced man thickly. 6This
is mine/
*AU right/ said Harry, and went forward to get
the other bottle. Below in the dark, with the bottle
under the flap of his right arm, he pulled the cork
that Freddy had drawn and reinserted and took a
Now's as good as any time, he said to himself.
No sense waiting now. Little boy's spoke his piece.
The big-faced bastard drunk; the other two sea-
sick. It might as well be now.