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Twenty-one to a clip is four bursts of five at the
most, he thought. I got to be light-fingered. All
right. Come on. Quit stalling, you gutless wonder.
Christ, what I'd give for another one. Well, there
isn't any other one now. He reached his left hand
up, unhooked the length of belting, put his hand
around the trigger guard, pushed the safety all the
way over with his thumb and pulled the gun out,
Squatting in the engine pit he sighted carefully on
the back of the boy's head where it outlined against
the light from the binnacle.
The gun made a big flame in the dark and the
shells rattled against the lifted hatch and on to the
engine. Before the slump of the boy's body fell from
the stool he had turned and shot into the figure on
the left bunk, holding the jerking, flame-stabbing
gun almost against the man, so close he could smell
it burn his coat; then swung to put a burst into the
other bunk where the man was sitting up, tugging
at his pistol. He crouched low now and looked
astern. The big-faced man was gone out of the
chair. He could see both chairs silhouetted. Behind
him the boy lay still* There wasn't any doubt about
him. On one bunk a man was flopping* On the
other, he could see with the corner of his eye, a man
lay half over the gunwale, fallen over on his face.
Harry was trying to locate the big-faced man in
the dark. The boat was going in a circle now and
the cockpit lightened a little. He held his breath
and looked. That must be him where it was a little