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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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as he stood erect, he leaned forward with his bad
arm resting on the compass and cut the two
switches. The engines were quiet and he could
hear the water against her sides. There was no other
sound. She swung into the trough of the little sea
the North wind had raised and began to roll.
He hung against the wheel, then eased himself on
to the steering stool, leaning against the chart table.
He could feel the strength drain out of him in a
steady faint nausea. He opened his shirt with his
good hand and felt the hole with the base of the
palm of his hand, then fingered it. There was very
little bleeding. All inside, he thought. I better lie
down and give it a chance to quiet.
The moon was up now and he could see what was
in the cockpit.
Some mess, he thought, some hell of a mess.
Better get down before I fall down, he thought
and he lowered himself down to the cockpit floor.
He lay on his side and then, as the boat rolled,
the moonlight came in and he could see everything
in the cockpit clearly.
It's crowded, he thought. That's what it is, it's
crowded. Then, he thought, I wonder what she'll
do. I wonder what Marie will do? Maybe they'll
pay her the rewards. God damn that Cuban* She'll
get along, I guess. She's a smart woman. I guess
we would all have gotten along. I guess it was nuts
all right. I guess I bit off too much more than I
could chew. I shouldn't have tried it. I had it all