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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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right up to the end.   Nobody'11 know how it
happened.   I wish I could do something about
Marie,   Plenty money on this boat,  I don't even
know how much.   Anybody be O.K. with that
money.  I wonder if the coast-guard will pinch it.
Some of it, I guess.   I wish I could let the old
woman know what happened.   I wonder what
she'll do? I don't know. I guess I should have got
a job in a filling station or something, I should have
quit trying to go in boats. There's no honest money
going in boats any more. If the bitch wouldn't only
roll  If she'd only quit rolling.  I can feel all that
slopping back and forth inside*  Me* Mr. Bee-lips
and Albert.   Everybody that had to do with it.
These bastards too. It must be an unlucky business.
Some unlucky business. I guess what a man like me
ought to do is run something like a filling station,
Hell, I couldn't run no filling station. Marie, she'll
run something.   She's too old to peddle her hips
now. I wish this bitch wouldn't roll 111 just have
to take it easy.  I got to take it as easy as I can.
They say if you don't drink water and lay stiE,
They say especially if you don't drink water.
He looked at what the moonlight showed in the
Well, I don't have to clean her up, he thought.
Take it easy. That's what I got to do. Take it easy.
I've got to take it as easy as I can, I've got sort of
a chance. If you lay still and don't drink any