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FREDDY WALLACE'S boat, the Queen Conch, thirty
four feet long, with a V number out of Tampa, wa
painted white; the forward deck was painted a colou
called Frolic green and the inside of the cockpit wa
painted Frolic green.  The top of the house wa
painted the same colour. Her name and home port
Key West, Fla., were painted in black across he:
stern. She was not equipped with outriggers am
had no mast. She was equipped with glass wind
shields, one of which, that forward of the wheel
was broken. There were a number of fresh, wood-
splintered holes in the newly painted planking o
her hull Splintered patches could be seen on botl-
sides of her hull about a foot below the gunwale anc
a little forward of the centre of the cockpit. Then
was another group of these splintered places almosi
at the water line on the starboard side of the hull
opposite the aft stanchion that supported her house
or awning.  From the lower of these something
dark had dripped and hung in ropy lines againsi
the new paint of her hull.
She drifted broadside to the gentle north wind
about ten miles outside of the north-bound tanker
lanes, gay looking in her fresh white and green,
against the dark, blue Gulf Stream water* There
were patches of sun-yellowed Sargasso weed floating