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to leave a place where they had fed so well and
Inside the cockpit of the launch there were three
other men. One, dead, lay on his back where he had
fallen below the steering stool. Another, dead, lay
humped big against the scupper by the starboard
aft stanchion. The third, still alive, but long out of
his head, lay on his side with his head on his arm.
The bilge of the launch was full of gasoline and
when she rolled at all this made a sloshing sound.
The man, Harry Morgan, believed this sound was in
his own belly and it seemed to him now that his belly
was big as a lake and that it sloshed on both shores at
once. That was because he was on his back now
with his knees drawn up and his head back. The
water of the lake that was his belly was very cold; so
cold that when he stepped into its edge it numbed
him, and he was extremely cold now and everything
tasted of gasoline as though he had been sucking on a
hose to syphon a tank. He knew there was no tank
although he could feel a cold rubber hose that seemed
to have entered his mouth and now was coiled, big,
cold, and heavy all down through him. Each time
he took a breath the hose coiled colder and firmer in
his lower abdomen and he could feel it like a big,
smooth-moving snake in there, above the sloshing
of the lake* He was afraid of it, but although it was
in him, it seemed a vast distance away and what he
minded, now, was the cold.
The cold was all through him, an aching cold that