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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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•You bitch.5
'No,' she said. Tin not a bitch. I've tried to be a
good wife, but you're as selfish and conceited as a
barnyard rooster. Always crowing, "Look what I've
done. Look how I've made you happy. Now run
along and cackle/9 Well, you don't make me happy
and I'm sick of you. I'm through cackling.'
'You shouldn't cackle. You never produced any-
thing to cackle about.'
'Whose fault was that? Didn't I want children?
But we never could afford them. But we could
afford to go to the Cap d'Antibes to swim and to
Switzerland to ski. We can afford to come down
here to Key West. I'm sick of you. I dislike you.
This Bradley woman to-day was the last straw.'
'Oh, leave her out of it.'
Tou coming home with lipstick all over you.
Couldn't you even wash? There's some on your
forehead, too.'
'You kissed that drunken twirp.'
'No, I didn't. But I would have if I'd known what
you were doing.'
'Why did you let him kiss you?'
'I was furious at you. We waited and waited and
waited. You never came near me. You went off
with that woman and stayed for hours. John
brought me home.'
'Oh John, is it?'
'Yes, John, JOHN. John.'
'And what's his last name? Thomas?'