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'His name is MacWalsey.'
'Why don't you spell it?'
'I can't/ she said, and laughed. But it was the
last time she laughed. '"Don't think it's all right be-
cause I laugh,9 she said, tears in her eyes, her lips
working. It's not all right This isn't just an ordi-
nary row. It's over. I don't hate you. It isn't
violent. I just dislike you. I dislike you thoroughly
and I'm through with you/
'All right/ he said.
'No. Not all right. All over. Don't you under-
'I guess so.'
'^on't guess.'
'Don't be so melodramatic, Helen.'
'So I'm melodramatic, am I? Well, I'm not. I'm
through with you.'
'No, you're not.'
'I won't say it again.'
'What are you going to do?'
'I don't know yet. I may marry John Mac*
'You will not/
CI will if I wish.'
'He wouldn't marry you.'
*Qh, yes, he will. He asked me to many him this
Richard Gordon said nothing.  A hollow had
come in him where his heart had been, and every-
thing he heard, or said, seemed to be overheard.