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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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*Yes, if that's the way it's been/
'It hasn't been all like that, but for a long time
it's been that way.'
Tm sorry I slapped you.'
'Oh, that's nothing. That hasn't anything to do
with it. That was just a way to say good-bye.'
Til have to get out,' she said very tiredly. Til
have to take the big suitcase, I'm afraid.'
'Do it in the morning/ he said. 'You can do
everything in the morning.*
Td rather do it now, Dick, and it would be easier.
But I'm so tired. It's made me awfully tired and
given me a headache.'
'You do whatever you want/
'Oh, God,' she said. 'I wish it wouldn't have
happened. But it's happened, I'll try to fix every-
thing up for you- You'll need somebody to look after
you. If I hadn't of said some of that, or if you hadn't
hit me; maybe we could have fixed it up again/
'No, it was over before that.'
Tm so sorry for you, Dick.'
'Don't you be sorry for me or I'll slap you again/
*I guess I'd feel better if you slapped me/ she
said. *lam sorry for you. Oh, lamS
'Go to hell/
Tm sorry I said it about you not being good in
bed. I don't know anything about that. I guestf
you're wonderful/
'You're not such a star/ he said.