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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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'Wouldn't try another?'
'No. I'll have whisky.'
'You know, it's something to me to meet you/
Spellman said. 'I don't suppose you remember me
at that party.'
'No. But maybe it was a good party. You're not
supposed to remember a good party, are you?'
'I guess not,' said Spellman. 'It was at Margaret
Van Brunt's. Do you remember?' he asked hope-
Tm trying to.'
'I was the one set fire to the place,' Spellman
'No/ said Gordon.
'Yes,' said Spellman, happily. 'That was me-
That was the greatest party I was ever on/
'What are you doing now?' Gordon asked.
'Not much,' said Spellman. 'I get around a little.
I'm taking it sort of easy now. Are you writing a
new book?'
Tes. About half done.'
'That's great,' said Spellman. 'What's it about?'
'A strike in a textile plant.'
'That's marvellous/* said Spellman. 'You know
I'm a sucker for anything on the social conflict.'
'I love it,' said Spellman. 'I go for it above any-
thing else. You're absolutely the best of the lot.
Listen, has it got a beautiful Jewish agitator in it?'
*Why?' asked Richard Gordon, suspiciously.