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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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'It's a part for Sylvia Sidney. I'm in love with her.
Want to see her picture?'
Tve seen it,* said Richard Gordon.
'Let's have a drink,' said Spellman, happily.
Think of meeting you down here. You know, I'm a
lucky fellow. Really lucky,'
'Why?' asked Richard Gordon.
I'm crazy/ said Spellman. 'Gee, it's wonderful.
It's just like being in love only it always comes out
Richard Gordon edged away a little.
'Don't be that way,' said Spellman. I'm not
violent. That is, I'm almost never violent. Come
on, let's have a drink.'
'Have you been crazy long?'
'I think always,' said Spellman. 'I tell you it's
the only way to be happy in times like these. What do
I care what Douglas Aircraft does? What do I care
what A. T. and T. stock does? They can't touch me,
I just pick up one of your books or I take a drink,
or I look at Sylvia's picture, and I'm happy. I'm
like a bird. I'm better than a bird. I'm a ., .* He
seemed to hesitate and hunt for a word, then hurried
on. Tm.a lovely little stork,' he blurted out and
blushed. He looked at Richard Gordon fixedly, his
lips working, and a large blond young man de-
tached himself from a group down the bar and
coming toward him put a hand on his arm.
'Come on, Harold/ he said. 'We'd better be
getting home.*