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Full text of "To Have And Have Not"

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Spellman looked at Richard Gordon wildly. cHe
sneered at a stork/ he said. 'He stepped away from
a stork. A stork that wheels in circling flight. . .*
'Come on, Harold/ said the big young man.
Spellman put out his hand to Richard Gordon.
'No offence,5 he said. 'You're a good writer. Keep
right on with it. Remember I'm always happy.
Don't let them confuse you. See you soon.5
With the large young man's arm over his shoulder
the two of them moved out through the crowd
to the door. Spellman looked back and winked at
Richard Gordon.
'Nice fella,5 the proprietor said. He tapped his
head. 'Very well educate. Studies too much I guess.
Likes to break glasses. He don't mean no harm. Pay
for everything he break.'
'Does he come in here much?'
'In the evening. What he say he was? A swan?'
'A stork.5
'Other night was a horse. With wings. Like a
horse on a white horse bottle only with pair a wings!
Nice fella all right. Plenty money. Getsa funny
ideas. Family keep him down here now with his
manager. He told me he like your books, Mr.
Gordon. What you have to drink? On the house.'
'A whisky/ said Richard Gordon. He saw the
sheriff coming toward him. The sheriff was a rather
cadaverous and extremely friendly man. Richard
Gordon had seen him that afternoon at the Bradleys5
party and talked with him about the bank robbery.